Go-Student System

The Go-Student is an E-Learning and Student management system with a number of powerful and effectively developed modules. These modules have been developed to meet the needs of higher institutions of education with particular interest in African institutions. All these modules have enabled the Go-Student system to provide services such as those explained below;

  • Admission applications can be submitted to the institution via the system and the system can be used to manage these applications while taking into consideration constraints as specified by the institution. Moreover, once admissions are confirmed, the system can automatically generate admission numbers (mostly known as Matriculation numbers). In addition to the admission letter that the system develops with the possibility of download,the system provides sms updates to all applicants who register for its sms update service.

  • Go-Student system enables Payment of Fees on the system via secured agencies such as mobile money and Visa. In addition to the payment of registration fees, students can also pay through the above agencies in order to get their results from the system.

  • The System manages results and marks calculations in an efficient manner and generates student's transcript with the click of a button, it also generates a certificate of completion of studies for students whose names appear on the graduation list which can be compiled by the system with the click of a button as well.

  • Go-Student provides students with an E-learning module that allows for upload of lecture notes, videos and assignment. Students on the other hand, can access this materials put up by the various instructors thus facilitating remote assessment and interaction between students and Lecturers.

  • Go-Student has a shopping module that allows for students to buy and sell amongst them and search for service providers such as electricians, plumbers, hotels around them. This module has as main objective to reduce the stress of searching for hotels, home equipements like beds, gas stands, shoes, clothes, etc and have them visit the system often and get informed about their studies and institution since the system has an electronic notice board for all its students.
  • Go-Student System which is given FREE to Higher Institutions, is one of Go-Groups Ltd's products. How can I get Go-Student?